2016 – 18th May – Allianz, London

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What the members and guests enjoyed most and/or consider a benefit to attending the meeting…

Introduction to new topics in an open environment
Guest speakers, topics and the attendees
Networking with other women from the business environment in an informal way.
Drawing on experience and views of other women in business and how they have or do approach challenges within the business environment
Insight into insurance and other topics which are not exposed to on the job and have the opportunity to attend talks for other topics. Talks on self-improvement is always interesting and difficult to come across
Very well organised
Such associations are of great interest to me being a young woman and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be able to attend
Talks were interesting, in particular Brexit and Flood Re
The talks were very informative and interesting
Kept the talks to time
I found Kay White’s presentation very insightful
I enjoyed the Terrorism/PV talk as useful for general market knowledge.
Kay’s talk was also motivating
The Brexit discussion
Good variety of topics on the agendaGood mix of larger economic topics with confidence building issues
Brexit presentation
Good number of people – like how many people could ask questions informally throughout the presentations
Chris Cummings
Aidan Kerr
1 Terrorism, 2 City UK, Brexit, 3 Flood Re, 4 Kay White
Terrorism, City UK, Flood Re – Good presentations – Lively, Interactive, very informative, Passionate, Good understanding
All of the topics!
Enjoyable speakers with topical subject matter
Terrorism talk and Brexit talk
Chris Cummings
Very much enjoyed the Brexit talk/speaker
Chris Cummings
Kay White sharing her experience and coaching expertise
The talks were very interesting, the questions asked were interesting  too
All (All insurance topics were interesting as well as the Brexit & talk from Kay White)
Friendly, welcoming group of people
Meeting different people from the industry
Learning information on ‘hot topics’ and meeting people in the market
I enjoyed the range/diversity of topics
Network opportunity with others from different fields
Good networking with some very interesting and talented women
Things to take away from Kay White
Thought provoking and points to action
Networking and meeting like-minded women
Listening to some very inspirational speakers – THANK YOU
Networking with those outside of our line of business and role
Meeting like-minded people

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