2017 – 17th May – Allianz, London

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What the members and guests enjoyed most and/or consider a benefit to attending the meeting…

Thank you – Super day and great, really interesting topics

Content and quality of the speakers

Transformation (Vibeke Fennel), Cyber talk (Matthew Martindale), Women in the workplace (Huw Evans)

Meeting other delegates

Hearing about the industry

Discussion, aspects of the sessions with the speakers

The insight talks

Really interesting topics and engagement of the attendees

Elke’s talk on customer data

Super agenda – lively audience

Small group makes it easier to speak to people

The educational approach

The link in to diversity across the day

Chris Beazley’s speech on the status of the London market

Networking opportunities and sessions on the London Market Group and Customer Data

Data Management and the statistics

Everything was executed well!

I particularly enjoyed the London Market Modernisation and Cyber War Games talks

Meeting people from all aspects of insurance rather than just my class

Huw Evans kept me focussed. Really enjoyed his talk

Opportunity to meet similar level colleagues

Changing my view on change

Chris Beazley’s talk

Hearing views of other attendees and opportunity to discuss topics

Meeting other women in the industry

Hearing other views, wider experiences.

Everyone was open and spoke with ease

Insight, Networking


Conference where males aren’t the majority (like the Actuarial conferences)

Informal platform to meet fellow women in the industry

Increases awareness of factors (e.g. cyber) impacting on the industry, which we are not directly involved in on a day-to-day basis

Networking and education – this was a great agenda!

Meeting women in similar positions as yourself and discussing industry trends

I found all the topics discussed today really interesting.

The best one I have been to in terms of content

Gaining knowledge of different aspects of the insurance market

Networking opportunities

Meeting ladies (professionals) from different industries

Very educational.

Good collaborative environment.

Great conversational networking opportunity with those in the industry


Access to info we may otherwise not see

Feeling I have heard from the people active in their field

Relevant professional development and a strong forum for discussion

Networking opportunities



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