2018 – 1st & 2nd February 2018

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What the members and guests enjoyed most and/or consider a benefit to attending the meeting…

I was very inspired by everybody I met and loved how open the conversation was
Hear about topics outside ‘the day job’
Opportunity to meet a really diverse group of women – roles, backgrounds, interests, companies etc.
Time available for networking, especially over dinner and after dinner drinks
Connecting to wonderful powerful leaders, women
The opportunity to gain insights from professionals across the industry
Encouragement for women to raise skills and exchange experiences in order to grow personally and professionally
I am glad that there is initiative in insurance industry to transform current status and make a difference for clients
Exchange with people from different companies in different functions and with varied backgrounds
The gap between the Tech World and the Insurers. They would benefit from each other’s ideas if they worked together
Networking opportunities
Inspiring speech & very open discussions
Interesting Topics
Interesting discussions & good opportunity to network
Interesting discussion on the role of women’s networks/groups
Lots to take away, to think about and motivation to make a change in my organisation
Meeting likeminded people
Hearing about new advances and the future of the industry
A very diverse group made up of participants from a varied background (not just actuarial)
Education and idea sharing
Have realised that there are so many different paths that you can take in the insurance industry – Educates
Inspires women to aim high
Great networking opportunity
The learning aspects
Space to think on some ancillary issues
Networking and developing knowledge
Good to have a mixture of themes
I like the focus on uplifting and inspiring girls and young women
The hotel is a lovely setting for the conference Transformation focus
Empowering women leadership
Success stories
Hearing different ideas
Challenging process
Hearing from NED start-ups, entrepreneurs and their journeys
Innovative ideas
I enjoyed the topics discussed, very current and up-to-date
I very much enjoyed the stories of how people have developed their companies from just a dream. It was inspirational
Focus on start-ups
Open discussions
Chika chairing the sessions – she made it very interactive
Very interesting theme and interesting discussion
Really enjoyed hearing the Insuretech stories
Brolly – Phoebe was an inspiration as was Amma
Really interesting learning about the Buzzvault journey
Very different from your usual actuarial conference
There was a clear focus on diversity, particularly in Thursday’s talks
Meeting others
Thursday’s speakers
Chika was amazing
Networking with others
Sharing ideas and perspectives
Friendly atmosphere
Nice location
Good mix of presenters
Networking and animated discussion
Talks on the two start-ups and talks on diversity/programmes for girls
The after-dinner talk – felt more intimate and informal
The dinner and drinks because we could all socialise
Variety of different speakers
Session with Yannis and Charlotte about what we can change
Meeting people from the industry
The sessions that explored the innovation/motivation behind start-ups as well as the social enterprise session with Amma
Conversations and presentations discussing premium pooling vs individual pricing – very important for insurers to think about especially re protection of vulnerable customers/customer with a history of claims

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