2019 – 19th & 20th September

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What the members and guests enjoyed most and/or consider a benefit to attending the meeting…

A great opportunity to develop an extensive network which encompasses all aspects of insurance

Encouragement to voice opinions and to listen to people’s views

All sessions and networking opportunities

A personal benefit, is that, for me, it has been an introduction to the topics and areas of importance and or concern within management/leadership

Increasing knowledge, networking, increasing industry and risk awareness

Enjoyed interacting with the attendees regarding different topics

Discussion and debate with interesting and interested people

Always relevant learning opportunities

The Suited for Success talk, the MeToo talk and the bringing of your whole self to work talk and Super complaint talk. But all the speakers & participants were engaging.

Good interesting talks.

Good open engagement.

Chatham House Rule

Openness and discussion of relevant and important topics, particularly well-being and culture within the workplace

Networking & Varied Topics

Learning and meeting new people

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