2020 – 12th November 2020 – online meeting

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What a thoroughly enjoyable and informative event. I discussed with one of my other colleagues and we felt this was something that should be widely shared, a real success – thank you.

Last night’s session was brilliant, I absolutely loved it & the time flew by! I was so impressed with the talk by Dr Nerina that I’ve just sent my team a link to one of her YouTube talks on the 5 non-negotiables for good sleep!
Many thanks for arranging last night, look forward to the next one!

I thoroughly enjoyed this evening’s session and found it helpful and interesting.  Thank you for organising.

Fabulous session yesterday, thank you all so very much.

I am still smiling and doing Lotte’s exercises with the fake screen cleaning and hand sanitizing.

Thanks for inviting me Patricia. 

It was good to hear that I do know what I am doing with regards to my food and sleep! But it also reminded me of things that I know I should do, but I don’t, like: eat more protein, drink more water, keep my phone out of my bedroom, have a wind down period before I go to bed! Very informative with simple tips that anyone can do. 

Laughter – well, what is there to say? It made us all smile and laugh, much needed in these times! Again, we all know how important laughter is, but doing it in that way is something I will definitely try and do in the future (maybe before my next job interview!)

Thanks again to everyone involved. 


Just wanted to say what a great “meeting” we had last night. All of the speakers were fantastic – clever choices as they gelled together really well. And I think Cathy did lovely job and moderated it beautifully.

Well done Patricia and everyone else who was involved.

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