2023 – 15 & 16 June 2023 – Woodlands Park Hotel

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What the members and guests have said about the online meeting…

Honestly All of it  – Really good balance of business focus, personal development focus and different areas.
The opportunity for discussion.
Variety of topics
Learning on key aspects of insurance
The wonderful venue, lovely people – fantastic networking opportunity
Variety and relevance of topics, safe, relaxed atmosphere
Networking with individuals from the sector in an open, frank, vulnerable way
The WHOLE thing!
Really well organised and really felt like a space that is safe to share and learn
Such a nice environment 😊
Being away from ‘familiar’ environment of work, getting the opportunity to unwind as well as share deeply about the workplace
Imposter Syndrome
Meeting new people and hearing from some really inspiring and insightful people on very interesting topics
All the talks, particularly ones sharing personal stories/inspiration
Being well away from the working office to really focus on my personal development
Interesting/engaging talks
Safe space discussions
Unable to pinpoint one session as I really (enjoyed) each one to draw down nuggets
Open/Safe discussions and networking
Update on extreme weather
Building Safety
Issues in the industry etc.
Interesting Agenda
Great Venue
Learning more
Expanding network
Connecting with other women over dinner
Cat’s talk
Interactive final session
Meeting people, and the discussions in sessions, and at dinner/drinks
After dinner speaker
Empower Dev
I enjoyed the open conversations
Opportunity to network and learn new things, listen to inspirational talks
Networking & Industry learning
Good networking opportunities
Good talks that are insightful & inspiring
Educational, Insightful & Networking
Feeling comfortable talking about issues
Safe space discussions
Meeting like-minded people, reflecting, testing ideas in a ‘safe space’
Meeting new people across variety of roles
Networking, such a wide range of experience, roles, individuals
Brilliantly organised!
Very well organised
Lovely conference, as always
Another excellent TWIN meeting – Thank you 😊


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