2024 – 7 & 8 March 2024 – Woodlands Park Hotel

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Aspects of the meeting enjoyed most….  And Major benefits of attending this meeting…

The networking opportunities and the chance to meet people working in the wider industry

Very good mix of sessions

Really enjoyed Kathy Byrne’s after dinner speech and understanding her journey

Lots of inspiring women attendees

Very relaxed and friendly environment

Networking opportunities

Sessions that focus on the human angle – My Story/ Forecasting Epidemics/Change of Govt

The food is excellent

ALL the speaker sessions!

The time to network with others

Getting to know others that work in the insurance industry

I find all the talks very useful and interesting

The behavioural economics session, and how we can incorporate this into our businesses


Seeing how accessible the events are

Friendly people & supporting environment

Hanging out with women in the industry, and networking

Really great agenda and content, well balanced and engaging

Space to reflect on wider career plans

Kay White

Network and take time to think differently

The presentations

A refreshing change to discussions on ESG Funds, Cash Flow Modelling

 A very friendly and welcoming event

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