2011 – 13th & 14th October 2011

Down Hall Hotel, Hertfordshire
13th & 14th October 2011 Agenda13th & 14th October 2011 Attendees

What the members and guests enjoyed most and/or consider a benefit to attending the meeting…

The-Women’s-Insurance-Net-Work is a great platform to exchange knowledge and experience in a VERY different way. It was a real pleasure for me to have had the chance to participate. In all – it was the nicest and most interesting business trip I have ever had. THANK YOU. – Angelika Wirtz, Munich Re

Jane Curtis’ speech was brilliant! | Loved the dinner & time to chat to all. | It
was a great meeting. I loved it.  – Gillian Davy, Taylor Wessing

Subjects could be of value to those who work in the area but also of general interest to
everyone | So interesting and stimulating for all – Debbie Akers, Friends Life

Meeting other women involved in insurance industry | Learning more about subjects that may not be part of my current role – Melusine Tricker, Aviva

Open and relaxed discussion (no competing /positioning) | Female slant / perspective evident in discussion and it’s OK! –Debbie Akers, Friends Life

My Story by Jane Curtis. | 2011 – Annus Horibilis by Angelika Wirtz – Reshma
Gosai, Munich Re

Moira Siddons talk on bioenergetics (influencing) – Margaret De Valois, Mazars

Enjoyed NatCat & Influencing talks most. | Jane’s personal story was also
interesting – Tina Thomson, RMS

“Honing our influencing skills”. | Sascha Foulkes’ style of speaking – Hannah Patrick,

Networking and introduction to new ideas – Noreen Siba, ILC-UK

Meeting a range of different people – Natalie Gleed, Ernst & Young

Networking was Excellent – Alison Watson, Oval

Meeting non-lawyers. | Meeting industry experts – Jasmina Yang, Taylor Wessing

The talk on the Insurance Charity. | Jane Curtis – Sarah Bailey, Metlife

RDR Talk | Jane Curtis’ talk – Alison Rutherford, Ernst & Young

Jane Curtis’ speech |Meeting other women in the profession – Jennifer Smith,

Broad topics |Inside perspective – Emma McWilliam, Milliman

First and last presentations especially – Noreen Siba, ILC-UK

Relaxing atmosphere – good for networking |Good “hot” topics for discussion| Enjoyed
influencing skills session very much – Geraldine Chow, Ernst & Young

CAT presentations |Networking as always – Monique Alder, Brit Insurance

My Story, Jane Curtis. | Influencing Skills – Moira Siddons – Sue Williams, Lucida

Coffee Break and Lunch time opportunity to talk – Fulin Liang, KPMG

Presentations – Caroline Gardner, Angelika Wirtz and Moira Siddons  – Colette Dunn, KPMG

Good range of thought provoking topics – Barbara Reilly

Jane Curtis, Kirsten and Moira – all were good but these especially – Alison Watson,

Munich Re presentation | Gender Directive | Moira – Melusine Tricker, Aviva

Networking & talking to other women in the commercial world & hear their thoughts
– Gillian Davy, Taylor Wessing

As an HR Professional, I am not technical but found all the talks very informative
and interesting. Some research on my side to get more familiar with the industry.| Thank you for this insightful conference – Reshma Gosai, Munich Re

Time to reflect away from day job – Margaret De Valois, Mazars

Meeting other women in the industry – Tina Thomson, RMS

Listening to topics that are more diverse than my own job – Hannah Patrick, Lucida

Networking! | Hearing about a range of topics – Natalie Gleed, Ernst & Young

Meeting interesting professional women | Interesting debate – Sarah Bailey, Metlife

Networking | Knowledge sharing of industry issues, ‘women in industry’ – good to share –
Alison Rutherford, Ernst & Young

Being able to meet a variety of women who work in the profession – Jennifer Smith,

Networking – Geraldine Chow, Ernst & Young

Networking | Space for self | Exposure to new ideas– Monique Alder, Brit Insurance

Listening to the topics out of daily job | Get connected – Fulin Liang, KPMG

Such an interesting meeting!  – Colette Dunn, KPMG

Strong sessions on Gender Directive & RDR – Barbara Reilly

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