2014 – 9th & 10th October 2014

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What the members and guests enjoyed most and/or consider a benefit to attending the meeting…

Dylis Guyan & David Wells – Charlotte Cross, Kiln

Meeting women in the same industry | Share learning and knowledge| Meeting/Making new contacts  – Vibeke Edvardsen, MBE

I would also like to add that from my perspective being completely new to the event it was particularly useful that it was an overnight stay as it gave me a much better chance to talk to several delegates and make more contacts than I probably would, had I only had the opportunity in breaks between presentations contacts  – Vibeke Edvardsen, MBE

Safe environment to join in the discussions | Always something that you can learn and take away – Catherine Lyons, SCOR

Meeting people especially women in industry | Finding out new information – keeping up-to-date | Sharing ideas | Discussion topics – Noreen Siba

Dylis’ talk on networking | Debate on new issues – Ann-Marie Dec, SCOR

Dylis’s talk on increasing sales and how to improve your networking skills. Really applicable to my personal development | Beagle Street by David Wells – Vibeke Edvardsen, MBE

Variation of the speakers and topics – Catherine Lyons, SCOR

Networking, keeping in contact – Noreen Siba

Meeting people and Information – Charlotte Cross, Kiln

Meeting new people | Blend of softer skills– Ann-Marie Dec, SCOR

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