2010 – 28th & 29th January 2010

Macdonald Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa, Camberley
28th & 29th January 2010 Agenda28th & 29th January 2010 Attendees

A few of the aspects of the meeting members and guests enjoyed most…

Mixture of different backgrounds. Networking – knowing we all have similar challenges, different viewpoints. Interactivities of meetings. – Lynda Watson, Munich Re

Everything! Extraordinarily interesting topics, interesting people. Nice environment. – Michaela Rauchecker, Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) plc

Meeting new contacts and seeing existing ones. Very interesting speakers – Risk Management is very timely and useful. – Jane Dale, Jane Dale Limited

Presentations by Lynda Watson, Stuart Driver and Albertha Charles and the Q&A. Met a lot of new people – Coral Ko, Metlife Assurance

Industry wide representation. Behavioural risk management sessions (something a little different) – Paula Francombe, Swiss Re

Networking. Ability to ask questions. – Sarah Bennett, Swiss Re

Friendly, welcoming approach. Relaxed atmosphere. Lack of egos in the room. – Stephanie Feeney, Lucida plc

Nick and Ali’s talk – I like data. Albertha was great too – engaging presenting style. – Cathy Toomey, RJ Kiln

Really good forum. People all contributed. So much expertise around the room.  – Margaret Snowdon, Lucida plc

Meeting people. Interesting presentations – good for me. Not too much jargon! University of Leeds – gender theme. – Noreen Siba, ILC-UK

After dinner speaker. Risk and Gender – Marjorie Ngwenya, The Actuary

Lots of debate and open forum – Wendy Hawes, FSA

Quality of the speakers.Interaction between audience and speakers. – Elisa Bormida, Munich Re Underwriting Ltd.

All. – Margaret de Valois, Schroders

Number of participants/Seating plan- prone to debate/networking. Variety of backgrounds of presenters (industry, academics). – Veronique Pilorget

Useful spread of speaker/presenter. Dinner speaker – good idea, fun and engaging – and also great as the topic was more light- hearted and provided an opportunity to have a look at something new and provoked interesting conversation. – Sara Ager, Talbot Underwriting

Good Venue. What a lovely group of professional women. Well organised. – Lynda Watson, Munich Re

Very enjoyable, sorry I didn’t make it to the evening event – Jane Dale, Jane Dale Limited

Very good venue choice – Coral Ko, Metlife Assurance

Smaller group discussions might encourage more participation. – Sarah Bennett, Swiss Re

Like the hotel and location is great. Shame about the locked a/c in my room! Great sausages and black pudding.– Cathy Toomey, RJ Kiln

Patricia, thanks for good organisation – Like the hotel – Like the champagne and canapés bonus! Especially liked the beaded name badge necklaces. Thanks Patricia & Helen – Noreen Siba, ILC-UK

Nice Hotel – Marjorie Ngwenya, The Actuary

Thank you for such a fab conference. It was genuinely the most enjoyable I have been on for a long time! – Margaret de Valois, Schroders

Hotel: Good facilities – Veronique Pilorget

Refreshing and collaborative environment. Interesting opportunity to share experience. – Sara Ager, Talbot Underwriting

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