2018 – 14th May 2018 – Aviva, London

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What the members and guests enjoyed most and/or consider a benefit to attending the meeting…

Really enjoyed how interactive and engaging all the sessions were
Listen to some interesting discussions generated from each of the talks
Quality of speakers in attendance
Really enjoyed hearing the different views and the discussion aspect of the meeting
Opportunity to meet a diverse range of individuals in insurance
I was particularly impressed that our morning speakers stayed for networking over lunch – it was great to chat with them further
Russell Borland’s insights on change
The broad range of (relevant) topics covered
Change talks – both organisational change and emotional sides of change
The content, the speakers – V.good!
Actually all of the topics were quite interesting and current
Relaxed nature
Welcome feeling as a male!~
Varied and mixed topics
Discussion & audience participation
Range of topics including commercial & gender specific
Participative set up
Hot topics of discussion on the agenda (gender pay gap / Brexit / Mental Health awareness)
Change – A personal favourite due to my role
Personal change – 2nd presenter
The two change presentations
The pay gap presentation
The organisation change and gender pay gap talks were very interesting
Change management topic
Conversations during coffee breaks
The Gender Gay Gap & How do you feel about Change discussions
Different perspectives on common themes from other insurers
Ability to hear a wide range of views in a very open setting
Sharing of experiences & learning from others
Gaining different insights
Hearing different people from different organisations speak
Meeting other companies and exchanging ideas
How to manage changes
A reminder of the basics in change management
A fresh view on recruitment
New contacts – for further discussion
A greater understanding of programme & its objectives
Meeting and hearing the views of others
Networking & exposure to different topics (e.g. outsourcing)
Wellbeing – Achieving a genuine work vs life balance, and how embracing and advocating change this is possible. Women should have the same choices as man i.e. flexibility in life to have a career and family
Learning about new areas
Hearing others’ experience
How interactive the sessions were and how much the audience participated
Diverse topics
Open discussions/interactive sessions
Networking with people from different insurance industries
Time to think about some of the things

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