2009 – 29th & 30th January 2009

Down Hall Hotel, Hatfield Heath
29th & 30th January 2009 Agenda

Hello everyone

It was marvellous to have such a good attendance at TWIN’s meeting last week – thank you all for coming, participating and making the event an undoubted success.  It’s hugely encouraging to have such strong support in the prevailing climate.

I’m particularly grateful to those of you who completed the feedback forms – the overwhelming response was very positive.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Kind regards,


A few of the aspects of the meeting members and guests enjoyed most…


Staying Over and having the time to network. The coping with stress talk was brilliant – Garbiela Lozana, Lloyds TSB

Interesting talks from variety of speakers – real life, not too technical! Getting to meet new people, all very passionate about what they do – Susie Thomas, Scottish Provident

The usual lively debates – Cathy Toomey, Kiln

Most enjoyable insurance conference I’ve attended! – Susie Thomas, Scottish Provident

Bill Mitchell’s presentations on “coping with stress in the workplace”. Longevity presentation too – Lorna Wiltshire, Friends Provident

Bill Mitchell’s talk was very interesting, as was FSCS – in fact all very interesting – Louise Okenden, Swiss Re

Networking. New Info-Compensation Scheme. Coping with Stress – Kirsty Gray, Watson Wyatt

Off Piste topic. Networking – Sue Williams, Lucida

Bill Mitchell’s session was very well structured and interactive – one of the best presentations I have seen on the subject of stress – Stav O’Doherty, Perfect Health

Networking. Informed atmosphere. Dr. Bill’s session – Jenny Coletta, Ernst & Young

Networking. Usual interesting & diverse agenda with intelligent female perspective – TWIN’s unique selling proposition – Melanie Worthy, Worthy Communications

Range of speakers. After dinner speaker – Catherine Brewer, Reynolds, Porter Chamberlain

Networking, very interesting speakers – Trevor Matthews, Nick Dumbrek, Kate Angell & Bill Mitchell – Diana Honey, Lloyds TSB

The two off-piste items were the most interesting for me –  I was very interested in Kate’s session about Grant Thornton’s programme – we used to do something similar both at Prudential and at Deloitte but don’t at my current employment.   – Sue Williams, Lucida

Most useful. Stimulating – Noreen Siba, ILC-UK

Bill Mitchell’s presentation was excellent. Trevor Matthews excellent presentation – Marion Madden, Kiln

Good day all round. Thanks  – Louise Okenden, Swiss Re

Nick Dumbrek’s session was a good overview of the subject of credit crunch, (which received extensive media coverage). Sophie & Kari’s session was informative and touched on a subject that will be of increasing significance in years to come. – Stav O’Doherty, Perfect Health

The other one that was most interesting was about coping with stress in and outside of the workplace.   For interest, a couple of positive outcomes as a result of these two sessions   – one I made time for my shoe shopping and also went swimming on Saturday for the first time in a few months.  The second is that I have gone onto Kiva and sponsored two women.  – Sue Williams, Lucida

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