2020 – 6th & 7th February – online meeting

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What the members and guests enjoyed most and/or consider a benefit to attending the meeting…

It was my first TWIN conference and I loved it! Most of all I felt so at HOME! What a great and welcoming environment and group! I can’t wait to come again

Opportunities to discuss a variety of important issues with like-minded individuals

A great balance of interesting and relevant topics. The talks complemented each other well – All were excellent

Reena’s presentation & Sarah’s presentation. Also, the attendees & relaxed attitude generally

The size of the group, interesting subjects all with good flow

Great mix of attendees who are very welcoming and friendly

Really enjoyed the event and will be back

Perspective, time for reflection and thinking about what to change/ want to bring back to day to day

The talks were excellent and most importantly they were all very current topics Fantastic to meet a variety of industry professionals, sharing ideas and feeling inspired

Adam’s talk on responsible business was shorter than I liked, although I enjoyed the discussion

All of it

Sarah Moore – very interesting & informative

Climate change – well presented, but nothing new for me

Great variety of topics which are very relevant to the day to day roles and personal development, regardless of level of seniority

I found Reena’s talk a fantastic way to kick off the event. I look forward to reading her book

I hope to see increased male participation in the future

I really enjoyed the evening meal – getting to meet new people, feel so welcome and have lovely personal and professional conversations

Lisa’s talk was inspirational and made me think about how I can make more of a difference

Most beneficial was meeting and interacting with a varied group of extremely insightful and influential women

Meeting and socialising with new people across the conference was a great experience.

Mixture between technical topics and personal development topics

Pool Re was the topic I enjoyed the most

Range of interesting topics enabled me to learn about new things

The future of Lloyd’s was interesting but not direct relevance

Mixing with different people at different levels within organisations – Fewer U.W’s or brokers than expected though


Nice, friendly and open attendees

Opportunity to meat like-minded women, friendly ‘networking’ as well as time of personal reflection/development of technical learning

Raising awareness

Reforming of skills and working

All sessions were very informative and well-presented

Hotel was very nice and tasty breakfast

Speakers and topics were FANTASTIC

Thank you for another amazing event

Vegan meal tasty but could have done with a bit more

Vegan meal was ok, but slightly unexpected – esp. with fruit dessert!

Well organised

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