2008 – 26th & 27th June 2008

Hilton St Anne’s Manor, Bracknell
26th & 27th June 2008 Agenda26th & 27th June 2008 Attendees

Thanks again to our speakers, members and guests for attending, participating and making our meeting last week such a success. The feedback forms were hugely positive and a great help in ensuring we are doing the right things to keep you all happy.

We look forward to seeing at our next meeting in October at The Down Hall Hotel.

Best regards,

Helen Crofts

A few of the aspects of the meeting members and guests enjoyed most…

Variety of companies & role participant – J. Race, Cardif Pinnacle

Good range of excellent presentations on a variety of relevant topics. Good networking opportunity. All speakers excellent. – K. Byrne, Cardif Pinnacle

The session on culture delivered by Angela Peacock – S. O’Doherty, Perfect Health

Presentations and networking, especially Julie Stokes, Angie Peacock & Rosanne Bachman. – N. Siba, International Longevity Centre, U.K.

Diversity of attendees. Mixture of speakers – developmental industry versus, technical. Relaxed atmosphere – S. Foulkes, Taylor Wessing

Networking – meeting other women working in similar/related industries – S. Williams, Lucida

Meeting wide range of women from different areas of insurance. Culture sessions and Zen underwriting presentation – interesting and thought provoking – N. Atkinson, Cardif Pinnacle

Meeting participants. The cultural exercise – nice to participate in something rather than just listen. – S. Ewels, Metlife

Informality and professionalism. The engagement with the audience by Julie Stokes, Angela Peacock & Rosanne  Bachman. – D. Rynda, Stellar Consulting

Everything! Networking/speaking to people great. All speakers really interesting and useful. Good level of information, big picture & debate. – L. Sayers, Norwich Union

Great speakers on a good range of topics. Super networking opportunity – J. Hindle, Joanne Hindle Associates

The “Zen” presentation. Excellent presenter and discussion. Networking – H. Christopher, QBE

Discussing the topics more widely – good level of engaging from audience. Rosanne’s presentation very interesting. – S. Dullaway, FSA

A brain-stimulating mix of topics. Once again, the highly participative nature of the group was a pleasure. Loads of sharing of ideas. No ego’s being aired! – C. Toomey, Kiln

Angie Peacock’s interactive session. Networking as usual. 8:30 start – C. Brewer, RPC

Networking. 8:30 am start was fine. Winston’s Wish – S. Hannington, Norwich Union

I really enjoyed the culture talk and the dinner. Excellent discussions – J. Alder, Milliman

Angela’s presentation. Very interactive both interactive with us and then having us interact with each other. – R. Bachman, Pinwheel

Networking expect useful. Hearing other people’s issues on topics in reasonably small group. Group participation round tables. H. Armstrong, Aegon

Culture session – Good topic, very well delivered and excellent interaction. Level of debate generally very good and one of the key points for attending – S Hall, Aegon

Presentations – M. Madden, Kiln

Networking intellectually at professional and social levels with intelligent, fun and like minded women! – M. Worthy, Worthy Communications

Other comments…

Brilliant forum: good balance of presentations, well organised, good venue. Would like to be invited in the future – J. Race, Cardif Pinnacle

Do like longer breaks to network – N. Siba, International Longevity Centre, U.K.

An enjoyable & informative experience – opportunity as ‘isolated’ lawyer to gain a brief insight into ideas and concerns of the day to day running of the industry. – S. Foulkes, Taylor Wessing


Excellent environment. Immediate rapport and high levels of trust. So pleased the two women presenters did their presentations without male colleague. Both excellent on their own. – D. Rynda, Stellar Consulting

Great! Best Yet! – L. Sayers, Norwich Union

Excellent event. Thank you – J. Hindle, Joanne Hindle Associates

The best yet, in my opinion. Something for everyone – C. Toomey, Kiln

Very well run meeting. Lovely Group. Really enjoyed being with you. – R. Bachman, Pinwheel


Excellent. Best Yet – M. Madden, Kiln

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Photos from 26th & 27th June 2008

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