2013 – 25th & 26th July 2013 – Hilton St. Anne’s Manor

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 What the members and guests enjoyed most and/or consider a benefit to attending the meeting…

 Blackbullion | Lisa Akesson | People Development Team – Angie – Josephine O’Kane, Hiscox

 Angie Peacock & Lisa Akesson – Catherine Drummond, LCP

 ‘Networking’ as usual | Very good session on unconscious bias – Wendy Hawes, LCP

 This was my first meeting and I really enjoyed the whole meeting – Catherine Murray-Jameson, CMJ HR Consulting

 Great networking opportunities | Great atmosphere – Catherine Drummond, LCP

 Networking | Softer skills covered as well as technical skills – Wendy Hawes, LCP

 Update of insurance issues | Networking – Catherine Murray-Jameson, CMJ HR


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