2015 – 24th & 25th September 2015 – Hilton St. Anne’s Manor

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A few of the aspects of the meeting members and guests enjoyed most…

  • Exposure to subject area that otherwise would not have, which has been very interesting and thought provoking
  • The conference topics and speakers
  • Interesting perspectives on ethics and the presentation given by Just Enough founder Phil was extremely interesting and moving
  •  Really enjoyed meeting everyone and listening to the debates. Really opened my eyes to the complexity of insurance and the financial sector. Particularly liked learning about the Just Enough organisation and meeting Phil. It has all been very inspirational and I hope to learn more from everyone at some point in my future career. Thank you so much for allowing me com come
  • The discussion around the topics. The friendliness and inclusion of everyone
  • A great reminder of ethics – a lot of the content is what we already know but having a full session on it brought it back to the front of our
  • Very engaging format
  • Marcus Bennett & Philippa Foster Back’s sessions
  • Opportunity for networking and speaking to others in different sectors of the market to gain alternative perspective
  • Engaging conversation. Very interesting women from across the industry Getting to meet other women in insurance
  • Main benefit would be that I was able to gain a wide range of perspectives on ethics within insurance and business in general
  • Seeing a cross section of the insurance industry
  • Thought provoking; generating debate | Made me much more aware of slavery (for me that was the most interesting session) | Professionalism CPD at an external event!
  • New ideas relevant to my role | New industry contacts
  • Different perspectives on ethics. Topics overall approached more holistically than other sessions I have participated in
  • Varied programme | Networking | Learning

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