2013 – 18th & 19th April 2013 – Woodlands Park Hotel

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What the members and guests enjoyed most and/or consider a benefit to attending the meeting…

Portia | Networking – Chrissie McGowan, HSBC

Cloud computing | Portia story | Telematics | Networking – Geraldine Finucane, PRA

Cloud technology talk | Networking | Angela Morrison – Jane Ester, RJ Kiln

Variety of speakers & topics |Decent breaks useful – Anne Bracher, RMS

The Portia story & Angela Morrison – really loved both of these | Also really liked the Telematics presentation | All in all a great TWIN session – Nikki Driscoll, HSBC

Technical content was very good at this meeting with a good theme – Wendy Hawes, LCP

Meeting people | Angela Morrison’s talk | Elizabeth Pollitzer | Drinks and dinner – Charlene Roderman, Bond Pearce

Enjoyed the technical theme and learnt lots including ‘Glocal’ as a new word – |Lesley Doulton, HSBC

Angela was very inspiring and motivational | Dr Elizabeth and Anthony were also very interesting and thought provoking | Telematics will be one to watch – Anita Watson, Oval Insurance

Information & New Knowledge | Networking – Chrissie McGowan, HSBC

Networking | Supportive Atmosphere | Very informative– Geraldine Finucane, PRA

Meeting other ladies within insurance and swapping ideas – Jane Ester, RJ Kiln

Hearing from people in different lines of business | Nice to meet new people – Anne Bracher, RMS

Networking/Building contacts | Technical content – Wendy Hawes, LCP

Meeting new friends | Learning new ideas | Networking – Charlene Roderman, Bond Pearce

Networking is excellent and growing with other meetings taking place outside of the normal TWIN meetings | Broadens your knowledge – making you think differently – Anita Watson, Oval Insurance

Good venue for the conference – Jane Ester, RJ Kiln

Nice country setting – away from the office – Charlene Roderman, Bond Pearce


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